Ambitious & Aligned Podcast (because burnout is a bummer)

Alignment is the new hustle.

Have you too felt this in every cell of your being? 

And ambition?  It is THE motivation for our soul's assignment. What we came here to do. 

But HOW we do it...ah ha!  That is the difference between frenetic hustling ie. overcommitting our precious energy inviting burnout OR awakening to our own highly specialized & unique energetic blueprint that can guide us like internal navigation to a life by design.   

Listen & slip into an expansion space of connection & conversation.

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Episode 4: Meet the Human Design Energy Types

Imagine if you could understand and TRUST yourself so deeply that life made so much more sense? That is the power of Human Design. In this episode, we are getting into the basics of each Human Design energy types & their unique strategy that guides to interact with life energetically correct for our design. You are 1 perfect design out of over two billion co...