Being Sequestered & In The Present Moment

Renee offers a connection point to her listeners during this global health pandemic. She begins the podcast with a very short grounding practice and moves onto some perspective about how we are all in our feelings and hearts together during this unique experience.

We've abruptly been forced to pivot how we work, how we live, and how we navigate life. Right now, we get to decide what works for us with full permission to grieve the loss of freedom as well as the opportunity to feel more free than ever.

Renee discusses how our current situation can powerfully return us to our own authority and inner knowing while releasing the tendencies to fall into the comparison trap. It is important to choose connection over rigidity at this time. Take what feels good and right to you, not what feels forced.

Human design returns us to ourselves. It gives us access to our own operating manual, and helps us gain a deeper understanding of our decision-making strategies and energy exchange, preventing burnout and gaining self-compassion. Renee shares some examples of how knowing your HD type can help you to navigate these times based off of their unique blueprint.

In light of the current collective, you can now receive a personalized, mini, human design chart reading as a "pick your payment" option. Pay whatever feels right to your circumstance so that you can connect deeper with your own inner authority and gain insights on your human design type.