What is Human Design?

What the heck is Human Design, anyway?

You may be surprised to learn, as I was, that all beings come into life encoded with an energetic DNA. This one-of-a kind insight into your human design chart tell the story of YOU! Human design is a powerful tool of guidance and self discovery, literally intended to help us become the most badass aligned version of ourselves.
This information (determined by your birth time and location) creates a beautiful body graph image that represents us as individuals in basic simplistic terms, but also can go DEEP with insights.
Our human design chart tells us our energy type and our contributing role in this life. This chart explains how we are naturally wired to both broadcast energy, and how we digest life in return. Your own design is your unique approach to life that you’ll find profoundly validating and completely relatable.

Where did Human Design Originate?

The majority of our understanding of human design was downloaded in meditation by a man in the 1980s known as Ra Uru Hu. He was admittedly a “reluctant mystic” who didn't set out to channel this information and found himself receiving and birthing the entire system of human design. Human design comprises both science (quantum physics) and the spiritual influence of four ancient wisdom traditions: Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I'Ching, The Kabbalah, and the Hindu Chakra System.

The Basics

The most high-level understanding is that we are one of five categories of energy types: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, or Reflectors. Each energy or aura type is beautiful and special in how it navigates the world. These types have their own specific strategy or approach to guide them through the course of life. When you know these pieces of high-level information in human design it gives you a powerful, yet practical understanding of yourself.
When you explore beyond your energy type and strategy, you can tap into your “inner authority,” your own decision-making go-to. Leaning into our inner authority is going to create self-trust to make choices that are energetically correct and in alignment for our highest good. Doing this helps us to avoid overcommitment and bypass burnout.
One of the most intriguing parts of the chart are the visible nine energy centers that resemble chakras and are represented by shapes. They're either defined (colored in) or open (white). Each energy center and numbers or gates indicated, offers us clues on our purpose and innate strengths to guide us throughout this lifetime. Which centers you have defined or open, or which gates (numbers), tells a narrative of your strengths, wisdoms and vulnerabilities with incredible accuracy.

How will Human Design help me?

It is not a personality test, although there are connections with how we naturally behave for sure. This chart is more about integrating the transition time as we move from a major karmic cycle of evolving emotionally, into the next cycle beginning 2027. That cycle is all about honoring our individual power. Human design is an operating manual to navigate the adjustments happening in the macro and the micro. We will collectively embrace less hustle and certainly less struggle to manifest. Embracing the receptive, passive, and inner knowing is what will be valued.
If you’re feeling called to explore how to align with your design, I have readings available and resources to come that are intended to guide you to greater self empowerment. .


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