An Empath's Energetic Assignment

Today’s blog is  based on a reflection on what lessons are coming through as I take time to really get to know my own energy. The work of the past year for me is understanding that I have a different relationship with mine than ever before, which makes sense because we are evolving as people in our needs and our energy needs are different. 

My energy has asked me to pay attention with a lot of diligence moment to moment. It's not even like what worked yesterday is going to be appropriate for today or that I can necessarily commit my energy too far out because I just need to really honor and take it easy without overextending.

In the past I had a pattern of pushing my energy to the max and becoming drunk on that adrenaline, throwing things into chaos, throwing my body into chaos, and creating this disconnect with my energy.

I wanted to explore and ask you, what is your relationship with your energy? Have you ever considered this and how has it evolved? 

My hope for you is that it has because when it has evolved and you are paying attention, you are paying attention to that deeper layer of your needs to notice that it is not stagnant and it's not going to always be the same. Obviously, with different seasons of life and different demands it's going to change. As you reflect on that question, see if you can come up with a word you identify with that really speaks to that in the moment? This can possibly be thought of as the energy of this New Year. What does that feel like to you in your body? 

I'll just offer the observation and what I've been seeing which is there is a lot of intensity. How can you continue to feel so super aligned and back in your light? What does your energy need to neutralize, nourish and stay steady? Where will you be the most effective? Where will you be in a position of personal power to really cause impact? Especially as an energetically sensitive being. If you identify with being an empath, a deep feeler, someone who is probably here to bring a new expansion of love to this planet moving through this energetic assignment, how can you embrace it?

Witnessing Your Emotions to move through the Struggle: The  sensation of anxiety and fear can be overwhelming. All of those emotions are a part of the spectrum of things in modern-day life that we are all witnessing and participating in. We can become so detached when these feelings become too much. Allow yourself to feel so that you can move through those emotions and get closer to alignment.

Aligning With Your Energy: Close your eyes and imagine you're on your path with your gifts, they could be a physical gift that you're carrying in a box. Imagine yourself showing up with your unique one-of-a-kindness, your gifts, feeling energized by the contribution that you are making while in sync with a vibration of abundance. The energy of abundance shows up in many different ways that affect us.

An Empath’s Assignment: We all have an ego, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Our shadow friend shows up and we lock it away with shame. We all go throughout the spectrum in some ways. Giving that shadow-friend a name and a hug is important for growth. For someone whose shadow-friend is say, narcissistic, their work is more about realizing that the world is not revolving around them, and they're getting spiritually drunk off of feeling greater than or that it's all about them. The energetics are really different for more of the empath or the expanded entrepreneurs, which I have had so many interactions with. These healers, these lightworkers are sensitive in one way or another, and their challenge is that they actually are feeling lesser than. Imposter syndrome. Instead of feeling greater than they feel lesser than, and it's like a bit of an inferiority complex in a different kind of way. It can be very subtle. It could be stories of self-worth that require the work for that energetic, sensitive, and more expanded entrepreneur. We can see ourselves in despair or disempowerment, and sometimes our ego is fed by that. The work is in receiving the code of abundance and taking up more space for ourselves. It may feel natural to put yourself in a place of rejection for protection but that is also energetically holding  you back.

Cultivating Abundance: The energy of abundance shows up in many different ways that affect us.  Money is one of our most powerful energetics that we have to play with. Whether it’s abundance of health as wealth, meaningful loving relationships, self-confidence, clarity, whatever is resonating with you. Imagine that you are on your path with your gifts, you're feeling energized, you're in sync with this vibration and what that really feels like right now. How is that different? How can you pull out from your current relationship with your energy? How does that assessment feel?

Boundary Setting: One of the teachings of Matt Kahn, a beautiful man who has a lot of spiritual teachings,  has identified that the more narcissists need to realize that it's not all about them, the more energetically sensitive beings need to shift into receiving. This requires new levels of trusting ourselves. Continue to come back to what you need to neutralize and to nourish and to release anything that is not yours, anything that is not in alignment with that mission, that way in which you and your soul have come here to help. It requires a heavy hand, I will say, of more energetic hygiene, boundary setting to stay clear and to not get confused with what is ours and what is not.

Human Design: One thing with human design that I hear and have experienced is that if you don't have someone helping you, it can be very overwhelming and confusing and you can just dismiss it and think like, "Oh, I don't even know what I'm looking at." So having that tool is important to me to be able to help another navigate and understand like, "Really, what can I take away from this that will help me, help me to get clear?" So we are being asked to show up in completely new ways and exciting ways, but also it's scary. It's a scary time for those who don't have the tools and don't recognize and think about how they are contributing. Like, how is their energy contributing and what that looks like. Like what do they really want to be contributing?

So the question that I'm asking in terms of your relationship with your energy is also about what do you need to neutralize, nourish and stay steady now that we are getting a feel, at least, for what's going on right now in 2020 in our energetic collective. What does it feel like to be so aligned and so on purpose that the sadness, the anger, the injustices do not throw you off of your path? How can you continue to feel so super aligned and back in your light? What does your energy need to neutralize, nourish and stay steady? 

That is where you will be the most effective. That is where you will be in a position of personal power to really cause impact. We are all in a new cycle collectively, and we are also being invited into the opportunity to have a heightened sensitivity available to us. So these questions and these notions of managing our energy or to staying close to ourselves, they're really, really important. 

With Heart,


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