My Experience with Alexis Flower Remedies

We had so many dynamics that are coming into play here at the beginning of this New Year. I feel like it is still a lot about settling in and things feel different. It feels a lot different to me than last year and I've been getting a lot of creative inspiration coming through. There’s been a lot of different intuitive hits that I have been following around my own ongoing energetic healing.

Last night I had a very interesting consultation with an amazing woman. Her name is Alexis Smart and she is the owner of a flower remedy and homeopath company. She has a very nurturing approach and guides you in making custom blends via appointment (although she does have some stock blends on her website that are very useful for a variety of common challenges). This particular session was to create a custom blend for specific energy issues that I have had ongoing around my energy collapsing (so to speak) and help to address some unpleasant symptoms that I needed guidance with.

My experience was above and beyond what I had anticipated. She was so in-depth and I was sharing a lot of my entire history of energy from being a child up and through until now. She took all of that into consideration with different tendencies, different ways that I present in my constitution, and in different traumas.

When you are answering  some of the questions as you're going through the process you don't really have a sense of why this specific information matters or how it equates to the overall configuration for the specific blend, but it was really interesting. She asked me at one point like if I liked lemons and I'm thinking “okay, sure”  and it reminded me of those personality tests that take you through different questions that are seemingly unrelated, but then ultimately culminate into this analysis. Alexis’ intuitive touch and her nurturing way was really nice. It was really profound for me to have that experience, and I'm excited to receive the formula that she created for me and to incorporate this vibrational medicine. This addresses the emotional layer of our being, it is also a spiritual connection.

What is the difference between essential oils and and a flower essence from essential oils?

With a flower essences is that they are infusions that capture the energy imprint of the flower. The flowers are actually steeped and there's nothing extracted from them, whereas in essential oils there is actually like a physical substance of the plant that is captured. Flower remedies are different and unique to essential oils in that they offer specific attunement to vibrational healing and they carry forth the quality of that flower. It’s more subtle, whereas essential oils have a lot of obvious uses for the physical body, and supporting the physical layer of the body. Flower essences are more about supporting the energetic layer.

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