Welcoming Alignment: Tap Into Your Inner Compass

This month I'm inviting you to own something within you that you want to allow to be more aligned and feel less heavy. The notion of feeling like you're failing at something is a pretty heavy feeling and it can bog us down and actually create opposite results, holding us back. 

Self-doubt can definitely murky our aura and our energy broadcast so that then we are not as aligned and clear to be able to call in and welcome in what we our hearts ultimately desire.

There’s this part of human design that I think is a really big pivotal crux point for me, one that aligned with why I went into teaching yoga. I have a tendency, like many people, to overthink and to over-ruminate. It is not necessarily negative thinking, but just in visualizing outcomes or visualizing different goals. If you sometimes become super specific with that overthinking it can be contractive, and we can be holding on really tightly. What I’ve learned in starting to study human design that really helped me is this notion that the mind is a really crappy decision maker, yet great for creative thinking or just inquiry. As far as making decisions, there is a more solid compass in the body that I will tell you about.

If you practice yoga, tapping into this compass is similar to the concept of how moving on your mat gets you out of your mind and back into your body. When we are feeling these areas that are like deep desires and we're trying to, as Gabby Bernstein says in her new book, Super Attractor, we're trying to manic manifest. I love that because it's like we get these ideas and we're doing all the things and we're saying all the affirmations and we're kind of really locked in. I just have had to return to practices and knowing that when I'm back in my body, I have so much power and there's so many things that can help us out with getting back into our body to really be aligned.

Let’s go back to that statement, “you're not failing, you're aligning” from my last blog post as well as my second podcast episode. Alignment does not happen in the mind, and it doesn't happen in your imagination. Alignment happens when you're a clear energetically bright aura, when you are working through the areas of discomfort to the best that you can at this time with your body. 

I've been on a healing journey, one where no one would know it looking at me or talking to me, but there's been things that have been showing up on low levels. Sometimes these things escalated to frightening levels, over the past few years especially. In being patient with getting in alignment you can chase a lot of different trails trying to find answers or protocols or what works for you.

How you can align with your body is a very individual job. There's this beautiful built-in direct line that we all have that is where we are getting clear guidance that is specific for us, and specific for what we need as individuals. All of those different wonderful suggestions out there about what to eat, and what to do with your movement, how to practice self-care are not one-size-fits all. Instead, we can channel those needs intuitively through your inner filter in your body.

Today I want to share a few things you may find helpful to find alignment in your body:

  • Find More Stillness: We are just in this age of constant movement and our brains are pinging and there's constant noise and to do's. We can all use more stillness, give yourself permission to rest. There are of course always exceptions and we need to turn inward to our own truth. Something that may be working for you now may not be the thing that you need later, getting in this space of where we can be continuously aligning and aligning and aligning is really an inside job of continuing to come back into more of a heart space. 
  • Embrace Your Shadow Side: The mind can be such a trap for getting into a place of comparison and judgment, or making impulse decisions. I used to find myself sitting at my computer for way too many hours over analyzing, and over ruminating when I first started my business. There was some shadow associated with that because I felt the sense of my worth being attached to reaching a certain level of income. 
  • Release attachments: attachments in the mind can be so futile and unproductive. Nothing in my business played out as I was sitting there spinning my wheels, attaching myself to a certain outcomes that ultimately didn’t happen the way I imagined they would. Sometimes if we attach ourselves to a certain idea or notion, and even come up with the “worst case scenario” we think that it will lessen the pain or lessen the disappointment when, or if it happens. This really reminds me and teaches me to focus on the notion of “success.” much differently.
  • Honor Your Design Type: Knowing how I am personally meant to operate has helped me so much in my business. I can now prioritize my time much differently as I  do not sit at computers for long hours trying to make things happen and I don't chase people around. I've learned with being a projector energy type that doesn't work for me anyway. I'm not designed to initiate, okay? I'm not designed to go out and make things happen. I'm designed to wait for an invitation or to invite things in when they're ready. There's so much peace in that! 

I want to be as clean and bright as possible because I know that my success, my abundance comes from infinite places, from spirit, from God, from however you want to choose the universe. So I now focus on tapping in there and my connection to that is in my body. It's not in my mind. Some people haven't gotten that success and abundance doesn't come from other people. It comes from source. So maybe have your radar up for that. Maybe that doesn't feel good to you. Getting back to this place of deep responsibility for my own vibration and my own vitality and knowing that when I focus there, everything will come into alignment, everything. Everything will come into alignment.

I hope that something I offer today maybe strikes a chord with you and you feel a validation or you feel a little hopeful or you could maybe decide to let go of something that has been a shadow you've been hiding out in or has felt heavy to you.

With heart, 


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