Soul Contracts & Opening Heart Space

Today I'm feeling a little tender-hearted, like so many are in regards to the shocking and tragic passing of nine people, including Kobe and Gianna Bryant.  I wanted to share a few reflections from how that has impacted me, which surprisingly has been in such a significant way.

It is always hard to watch someone go through something that is devastating in that regard, however this really impacted a lot of people. For the first time we are seeing a majority of people that are all connected through their hearts.This is at a tremendous cost, but it got me thinking about what a soul contract Kobe and his daughter had, and wanted to speak a little bit today about soul contracts.

Soul contracts have been something that I've been aware of in terms of my own relationships to a certain degree. I will make reference to my daughter being my greatest teacher, and she for sure is a soul that I’ve had an agreement with to help me to get to a higher expression and really just move through lessons from a completely different place than I, in my mind, thought that I would be.

Soul contracts are agreements that we make with other souls before we're born, and these people will be brought to us to teach us about ourselves, about who we are, about the work that we are here to do together, and we often will feel a kismet connection to these souls.

The story of meeting my husband is definitely one that feels like a divine assignment. When I first saw him back in 2003, I was working in a hotel as a corporate meeting planner. He walked in the lobby and I had an instant knowing, one of the most potent experiences that I can remember, a recognition of feeling like I knew him. There was of course attraction, and all the components that make for a partnership to come together and to lock in, but that was one of those moments where I knew we had work to do together.

I'm sure that you can reflect on people that you have interacted with and that are in your life. As the saying goes, "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime." These soul contracts can also be with people that aren't necessarily a part of your family or your close support people, this could be someone, it can be a shorter arrangement and a shorter experience to teach you something about yourself.

Our prominent players, these teachers would be our parents, our kids, our partners, love interests, business partners. What is interesting is that, although this notion of soulmates or soul contracts, I feel like this is different in that these experiences that we have with these people are often not always what we had hoped for or imagined. These teachers trigger us, trigger the biggest lessons of our lives, or they help to abruptly, sometimes, align us with the trajectory of our highest expansion. These lessons that we can glean from these soul contracts are really rooted in our attachments to often what we feel should be, or illusions of our ego. They help us to find our neutral place, to come back to finding a perspective of equanimity if we choose to grow and expand with the lesson.

With the tragic passing of Kobe and his daughter, and the other souls that were on that aircraft, I’ve been reflecting on what soul contract they had and it really leaves me in awe. This has really brought me to this place of deep feeling, of empathy, of compassion. We all can relate to the story in some way. I mean, to be honest, you guys, I don't care about basketball that much. I mean, I have seen him and what he has done on a peripheral, but we all can relate to this in one way as a parent, a spouse, or a champion of people, which is what it seemed like he really was.

In this heaviness, it gives us the opportunity to come back to our heart. And when we go through these trials with our own soul contracts, it is an invitation to pay attention to our heart, to pay attention to something that we are either forcing, or that we don't want to pay attention to. It can interrupt that. This has shown us in a very significant and potent way that unconditional love and dedication that happens in a parent/child relationship. As a mom, I get chills thinking about this. This really shook the majority, and probably maybe myself unexpectedly, to their heart space and back into a vibration of love and compassion.

Our teachers are giving us exactly what we need to move ourselves into more of an expanded place, to move us back into a place of love, and just to come back together and remember that we are all in this together. We are all going through these tests and these trials, and we of course feel deep gratitude that hopefully we will not have to endure such a shocking situation in our own family, in our own worlds, but it gives us that perspective of gratitude and holding our hearts and feeling our feelings.

We have many different options to numb out because of the intensities that is this human experience, and the different feelings that we feel.  I thought something that struck me about this particular scenario is that I couldn't just go to my phone and start scrolling to avoid feeling the pain, because it was just amplified everywhere. Everywhere I looked there was just more of a deeper layer of heartache in this. 

In my processing this I realize we need to cherish our own teachers in our life, our own soul contracts. I've shared before about some of the struggles and trials that I have gone through in terms of parenting, and just how the experience of being a parent for me really opened up my heart, in a way that I didn't anticipate and didn't always necessarily deal with the best. It was an opportunity to grow, both of my children have done this for me.

One of the soul contracts that I have really started to understand more is with my daughter. I know the phrase "twin flame" is reserved for more of a romantic relationship, but I feel like my daughter and I are twin flames, and that we came here very much to teach each other and to have each other's backs. In terms of our human design and understanding my family's human design charts, even from just a high level, I mean not even getting into the real detail part of the chart, but just from a high level of an energy perspective, my daughter and I are both projector energy types and we have almost an identical chart.  She is unique, and has different characteristics and different primary ways of expressing and being in the world. However, if you look at the human design chart, we have exactly the same centers defined, we have exactly the same centers open.The channel that we both share is a channel, meaning this is a strength, this is a theme in our life, the channel that we both share is called the Alpha Female or Alpha Male channel.

As you can imagine, this is an interesting dynamic to share with your daughter in any event, where you both are the alpha in your energy and how you express that. And she has really been like a mirror, or like a thermometer to gauge how I'm doing. It's like we are almost a mirror reflection. I wrote it all out, and I guess you could say it's a bit of a healing journey or something like that. I think that that is something that is such a common experience. We have such a deep connection and deep bond that the symptoms that I was having she would start to have! I absolutely believe that she was having these experiences to help me to move through my own. What I was having, and this is obviously true of any parent and especially the mother's energy in the home, is that it is transferred to the children. It was really hard to understand where I started, and where she stopped, and where I began and what she was experiencing was her own, or was it mine? 

 Her bold alpha spirit said, "Oh wait, you've got to shift. You have to pay attention to these things and you have to heal these parts of yourself." This is not just speaking in terms of healing physical things,(which can be the loudest messengers), this is like deep energetic healing. This is healing that we came in with, this is past life trauma. This is stuff that, in order to heal the physical, we had to heal on these deeper levels. I'm just now really getting that, and she in turn is thriving. 

This soul contract business, it's deep and it's impactful, and it's like we agreed to go through this so that we could then turn around and help someone else. Just like some of these other, bigger, real life tragedy stories went through this to teach us something.

So as we are tending to our hearts, and just cherishing our loved ones, and looking at life with a different perspective, just want to leave you with the thought of how your path and your soul contracts are impacting the trajectory, and what that legacy looks like. 

I love you guys.

With Heart,


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